Thank you very much Ace Review Center for making my dream come true! The review course given at the center really helped a lot in the exam. All the techniques were applicable. Thank you once again, and keep it up!

Raymon James Garlan RN September 28, 2016

Thank you Ace! ❤️ My review days with you have been a pleasant experience and prepared me well for the exam. It's nice to see the Ace Review Center family is growing fruitfully

Ms. Jasmin Delez Nurse, New Zealand August 12, 2016

default image

Having ACE Review Center by my side during OET review has driven me to do my best, thank you for the nudge that you gave me to pass the exam in 1 take. The process is truly grueling but coming out victorious in the end is such a blessing. May God be praised!

Ms. Ana Marie Busa, RN Online OET Student August 12, 2016

default image

Thank you so much for all the kindness and help you gave to us, clients. I am happy I chose ACE Review Center to be my guide in achieving good OET remarks. May you continue to a blessing to so may. God bless & more power!

Mary Therese Maning, RN OET Student, Bacolod August 12, 2016

Thanks Ace Review Centre for being the bridge to where we are now. Keep up the good work!

Brian Peralta and Jehan Cebrecus Nurses, New Zealand August 12, 2016

Ace Staff and Management. I just want to extend my thanks for helping me "ACE" the IELTS! In behalf of my friend Mr. Deniece Ngo, thank you! Especially to Ace Mandaue branch, particularly Ms. Kate.

Lloyd Joshua Reyes Nurse July 25, 2016

Miss Jure this wouldn't be possible if it wasnt for you and ACE review centre.. Thanks for making our dreams possible. All the best to Ace thankyou

Felice Sy Wagas RN, New Zealand July 25, 2016

Hi Ace Review Centre please say hi to mam Jurine for me. I wont reach this so far without her motivation and guidance. Thanks a lot. 😀

Chino Boque RN, Australia July 23, 2016

Thank you ACE Review Center for helping me pass the PTE test!

Jill Beunconsejo Cookery Student, Australia July 5, 2016

ACE Review Centre is the best centre available which would help you give wings to your dreams of going to New Zealand. The modules and the training they provided are exquisite. It was the training coupled with the moral boost given by the institute and my family that helped me get good grades for my OET exams. Now, I have aced the goal through ACE Review Centre. A dream will now be then a Reality.

Mhay Villamor, RN Nurse at Kuwait University June 7, 2016

To ACE REVIEW CENTER (Ms Jurine, Sir Jim, Ms Belle, Ms Althea, Ms Kim, Ms Vanessa, Ms Kristine, Sir Bernard), thank you for being catalysts to this success! I thank you for being with me during my IELTS review days! Continue to assist and inspire aspiring immigrants in making their dreams a reality.

Passing the IELTS is indeed difficult BUT IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE! You can surely ‘ace’ it with ACE!

Monsour Roi Monzon Staff Nurse at National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London, UK April 18, 2016

default image

Ms. Jurine Ruperto & ACE review center family, thank u. "Because of u, everything is possible." U deserve a shout out. Just gave a shout out to 105.9 FM radio Cebu just now. Salamat po!


Jasani Rehana Student for Australia April 14, 2016

To my ACE family,

I would like to say thank you. My score was a success. Here's my new IELTS score, reading and writing 6.5, speaking and listening 7.0. Average 7.0. Thank you very much! 🙂

SeanJean Sison Cuba Dubai, United Arab Emirates April 14, 2016

To My Ace Review Center,

Thank you so much for helping me make it. I know it was really a gamble to take the the exam last May 30 when in fact I was enrolled on the last week of April. hehe 🙂 I thank you for everything  that I've learned from the lectures & mock exams. Hehe. Thank you also for for providing  us with good teachers. I should be honest that sometimes when I enter the class lutaw gyud ko because of lack of sleep, but its a good thing gyud to sit in front of the class always for us to understand more. There were times that I really lacked confidence because I had low scores during practices most especially reading, but grabe akoang pag pray na mag okay ig finals. And I really did it! During the speaking test, the actual one, grabe ako pag shake sa akong knees because the examiner was so intimidating. He never smiled, always like this, syempre kurat. Hehe but still nakaya ra gyud tungod sa inyu help. I could never be happy with my results if I have not listened to what our teachers are saying. Thank you. Thank you thank you! I really hope that you could inspire other students like me. God bless you always and always to God be the glory!

Jenett Taghoy Canada April 14, 2016

Hi Ace! I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for my IELTS UKVI test. I am beyond thankful for your lessons, mock tests, review materials, supportive and warm staff and most especially for your inspirational teachers. Again, thank you so much to the moon and back!

Cielo Nagel Alcuino Nurse April 14, 2016

I am happy that l was able to get an overall grade of 7 and not Less than 6.5 in all areas. During the speaking exam, I felt a little nervous because my interviewer was the woman I always saw from the British council sample speaking videos so I thought that the part would be really difficult but it went well and she was really nice. Thank you very much Ms. Jurine and to Ace Review Center, you really helped me a lot in achieving my desired grade.
God bless and more power to you.

Jesa Estacion Online IELTS Student, Denmark April 14, 2016

I would like to thank the ACE family for being supportive and receptive to our suggestions during our review sessions.
I would like to thank miss weng for being so optimistic and encouraging us to practice more. I would like to thank the teachers for taking time listening to us and spending time in checking our essays.
Thank you miss Jure for being such a wonderful and sweet person to us!
More power and God bless!

Dara Khris Sentorias Nurse, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK April 2, 2016

I can vividly remember those days when I had to go straight to the review center after my night shift rotas and spending my days off from work in there whilst my friends were wandering somewhere else. I did envy them yet, I knew that all the hard work I've put into the IELTS preparation will pay off. Luckily, it all did since, I took the exam once and here I am living my dream.

I am forever grateful to the team who motivated me to do well with the exam. I have recommended them to my friends and I would definitely encourage many others to invest their future in ACE Review Center.
Keep the fire burning ACE, you've gone this far and there will be no way that you won't get any further!
God bless you all

Roselle Michelle Marie Mativo Nurse, Chelsfield Park Hospital, London, UK April 2, 2016

ACE REVIEW CENTER!  Thank you so much for helping me pass the IELTS exam. Your learning materials that are readily available and your standard schedule has greatly assisted me with the tedious review process. I can remember how all of you are so cordial to me every time I attend my classes and would even ask me how my day went at work when you really don’t have to. Please continue to help migrant aspirants like me to achieve our dreams. God bless ACE and I will always be grateful for your help

Katrina Grace Palmitos Nurse, London, United Kingdom April 2, 2016

I would definitely recommend ACE IELTS review. I was only there for 2 weeks of intensive review but I learned so much and I was more than satisfied with my IELTS scores.

Jun Li Nurse, United Kingdom April 2, 2016

ACE Review Centre is a great place to review and enhance your English knowledge. I did self-review at first and decided to go to ACE so I could learn more, practice with their review materials, and track my progress. If you want to have teachers who will really monitor and assess your performance, then ACE is definitely the place to go.

Judeia Lyka Pacaña UCLH Nurse, London, UK April 2, 2016

I would like to thank Ace Review / accommodating staff and skilled teachers and most specially to Miss Rose. My average band score is 6.5 (Reading and Listening = 6.5 / Speaking = 6.0 / Writing = 7.5). Please extend my warmest regards to Miss Rose. Miss Rose, thank you very much for the Academic Writing notes that you shared to me. It helped me a lot. God bless.

Mace Pinili Academic Student February 27, 2016

An excellent review center !!!

Based on feedback from our clients who have applied to study, work or live in Australia Canada and New Zealand . everyone is grateful about the quality of review and service they have experienced from this review center.

ACN Southern Immigration & Education Services (ACN) is proud to recommend this review center to anyone wanting to improve their English language skills.

Wilfredo Natividad Director at Southern Immigration Services February 24, 2016

Thank you ACE for providing me the tools in understanding IELTS more. I guess I can totally say that if I did not review with you guys, I wouldn't have passed my IELTS 🙂 thank you Miss Jurine 😉

For those planning to take up a review before your exam, ACE review center would be the place to go. Very affordable compared to other reviewing center and the staff would really take time to help you with reviewing, giving lectures, sample tests and the such. Aside from that, you can simply approach the lecturers if you have any questions or difficulties.

If you were wondering how i did with the test, my speaking and listening were both 8. Reading 7. And writing 6. Overall bandscore 7.5. 😉 - Academic

Thank you ACE! 😉

Nina, Febie Sales Administrative Coordinator at Wyndham Worldwide, Sydney Australia February 24, 2016

I just want to say thanks to everything I have learned in ACE, but ultimately, to God goes all the glory. God bless. Listening: 8.0, Reading: 8.0, Writing: 7.5, Speaking, 7.5 Overall: 8.0.

Jovan Pierre Ouano RN February 23, 2016

God thank u so much for this wonderful blessings i received, you never leave me and lastly thank u so much Ace IELTS Review Center for helping my achievements.

Sophia Sanchez Life Skills Student February 23, 2016

I would like to thank ACE for all the support, and for providing quality and excellent services during my review. I have just recently received my exam results and it was an outstanding band score of 8.0. I was greatly overwhelmed! Special thanks to Sir Jim and Ms. Jure, the owners and of course my teacher Ms. Rose for the relentless support, encouragement and motivation in my entire review. Also, I would like to thank Sir Gene, Ms. KC and Sir Peddy for the kindness and for patiently ensuring that I receive the proper services especially the materials that I needed in my practice tests. More blessings to ACE Family and to the future test takers. To God be the glory! 🙂

Precious Anne Legaspi Pedrajas Microbiologist/Medical Technologist at Cosmolab Laboratories, Inc February 23, 2016

Thank you Ace Ielts ReviewCenter! My brother (John Raymond Biyok) got these awesome scores.... Listening: 8.5, Reading: 8.5, Writing: 7.0; Speaking: 7.5. I will surely recommend your review center to my friends.. Thank you.. Thank you!!!

John Raymond Biyok IELTS Academic Student February 23, 2016

Wella did pass her exam so many thanks to you and your team. You did well to coach her and give her the confidence to pass and now we can search the route to get her a visa to come to the UK. I wish you well in your business and I can recommend you to any who need to take this exam. Cheers!

Keith Young Wella Inihao's Fiance February 23, 2016

Thanks to Ace Ielts ReviewCenter for everything, you're the best review center ever from the owner to the staff and to the instructors . - Arnie Campo

Arnie Campo May 4, 2015

To Ace Review Center, Thanks for everything. Most especially to Ms Marie and Ms Vanessa!

Marlon Bryan See RN, Cebu City March 31, 2015

Dear Ace IELTS staff and teachers, Thank you !!!

Vevian Cezar RN, Cebu City March 31, 2015


yeheyey!! I Passed my IELTS Exam!!! Thank you Dear God, You have listened to my plea and granted my prayers. Thank you also Ace IELTS Review Center for your great services and for assisting me in making my exam successful. I trust everything in you, DEAR JESUS.



Amelia Paca RN, Cebu City March 31, 2015

Thank you Ace!! Could not have done it without you. Special thanks to Ms Althea and Ms Marie.


Alyssa Martin RN, Cebu City March 31, 2015

Thanks for the tips and review materials. I got 6 overall score and 6 for each subtest. Please extend my thanks to Ms Geraldine (a very good teacher), KC and Weng (staff). Thanks to all of you!

Nympha Napiza Employee Philippine Postal Corp March 31, 2015

Thanks ACE for the unexpected result!

In KSA having good IELTS score opens up many career opportunities. I was not able to practice English here, I decided to visit Philippines to take English classes and blend in with some English speakers. Having 5.0 score was my only goal, but luckily with the help of ACE teachers I got 6.0 which I've never expected as an English student. The team in ACE know each candidate's weaknesses and start from that point to let us achieve best results.

Now, I can see the value of IELTS result reflecting on my career and personal life.

Thanks ACE and all teachers for letting this happen.

Abadi February 28, 2015

My experience with ACE Review Center has been the most pleasant and professional. I had my IELTS review at ACE back in 2011 and achieved an Academic band score of 7.5. Recently, my IELTS expired and I had to retake the exam in just a couple of weeks. I enrolled again at ACE as I trust that they can help me enhance my skills and prepare myself to take the test within a short period of time to review. They assess and identify the students whom they think are ready to take the test.

The classroom is very conducive for learning, cool and spacious enough for the students' convenience. I am a busy Mom of a 4-month old baby so I don't have a lot of time to spend in the classroom; however, ACE has allowed me to bring practice materials outside the center, such as reading and writing, so I can answer the test booklets at the convenience of my own home - simple and flexible! I have also observed that their unlimited practice test materials are mostly of difficult level which got me used to sharpening my senses harder in answering the questions. In fact, I find the actual IELTS exam a lot easier which is why I have exceeded my required band score.

The instructors and the rest of the staff have never been anything but stellar. They are always going out of their way to assist me in improving my areas of opportunity, very approachable and never seeming too busy to coach me or conduct evaluation. One-on-one coaching and feedback is conducted for speaking and writing tests.

Taking the IELTS exam can be very costly and too pressuring for most of us as we are not native English language speakers so my advise for you is not to waste your time and money, enroll at ACE Review Center now for the most efficient and guaranteed satisfying results!

Ciagy Melbourne, Australia January 14, 2015

Thank you so much for everything especially during my review.

Camille Zerna Assistant in Nursing (AIN) at Westmead Private Hospital November 22, 2014

Thank you ACE IELTS Review Center for helping me with my IELTS

Febie Nina Former Food and Beverage Attendant Events and Conventions Fairmont Hotels & Resorts November 22, 2014

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