Spanish Language Tutorials

¿Quieres aprender español? ACE IELTS Review Center and Language Services offers the Spanish Tutorial Program with these two packages to choose from.

  • One on One Tutorial – 500 per hour
  • Small Group Class – depends on number of students and hours required

English Proficiency Course

To enhance your English Skills, may it be for preparation in working/studying/living abroad or just for personal skill development, ACE IELTS Review Center and Language Services offers a comprehensive English Tutorial that is fit for your level.

Course includes: 3 weeks of Varied English Enhancement Sessions.< /br>
Tuition Fee: 4,000.00 ; Minimum of 3 students.

  • Grammar – 20 hours
  • Vocabulary – 10 hours
  • Speech Enhancement – 5 hours
  • Conversational – 5 hours
  • With Free Study Guide, and Final Assessment

French Language Tutorial

ACE IELTS Review Center and Language Services continues to offer our French Language Tutorials for students or professionals, wanting to learn the French Language as a requirement for working/studying/living in countries where French is the primary language, such as Quebec, Canada, France, etc… This is also open for anyone who simply wants to learn French for their personal skill enhancement.

What better way to learn an entirely new and foreign language, than to be in a small group class, where a focused tutorial is conducted by a Native French Speaker Instructor, at the lowest rates in town.


  • Basic French Course – 2 weeks / 3hrs a day ; minimum of 3 students
  • Regular Course – 90 hours – 5 weeks / 3hrs a day; minimum of 4 students
  • Online Tutorial – 450 per hour
  • Conversational French – 400 per hour (must be at least A2 level, or have background in speaking French)

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